Dentist Grant to win FREE Mobile Dental Clinic serve Corktown and Mexican Village area

Announcement of a Grant to win a  Mobile Dental Clinic

Delta Dental is having to help promote oral health visits in the metro Detroit area.  It is called Motor City Kares, it’s a new mobile dental unit to treat Corktown and Mexican town folks and others.  Please see the information below and feel free to pass it on to dentist who cover Corktown and Mexican Village.  

Sponsors are: Ford Motor Co. Fund, Kare Mobile Dental, Lightship Capital, and Avis Ford

If you know a superb dental professional who would be a worthy recipient of a Kare Mobile license and a brand new fully outfitted Ford Transit one-chair dental unit worth $150,000, tell them to apply. In return, we are asking the recipient to serve low-income families in Corktown and Mexican town for half of the time they're deployed for two years.

THIS model has such low overhead that dentists can actually serve low-income families on Medicaid and make a living. It's a win-win. Access to quality dental care is sorely lacking in so many communities.

The ideal candidate has not only the hands for the work--but a heart for community service. That is one of the criteria.

The application is a short video clip and form.  APPLICATION DEADLILNE THIS WEEK April 16,2021.

Here are the details.,-Delta-Dental,-Kare-Mobile-and-Lightship