Instructions and Pre-Event Quiz for March 23, 2022 Implicit Bias Program

The educational program at the Detroit All Branch Meeting on Implicit Bias is a topic is required for dental licensure for both dentists and dental hygienists. The program will be for three CE with a two-hour program lection and one-hour pre-event course work.

The pre-reading for this program is available at 
  Implicit Bias CE Resource Journal of Ethics AMA Dental Inequity Focus Jan 2022

Please complete this quiz below prior to the event.  

To receive the full 3 CE for this program a participant must:
1. Complete pre-event quiz
2. Attend and participate in the dinner educational program - sign the in-person sign-in sheet.  
3. Complete the post event quiz - online method preferred.  Paper available on request.

This online form is the Pre-Event Quiz for the Detroit Implicit Bias Program. 

Detroit District Dental Society Implicit Bias Pre-Event Quiz

Implicit Bias: Strategies to Increase Equitable Oral Health Care Access & Outcomes Continuing Education Course   © 2022 Dr. Juliette Daniels & Ms. Bailey Andersen

Participant Quiz

Please take this quiz prior to attending the CE Course. Thank you.

Race has a biological basis:

The only factor that matters to overall individual wellbeing is physical health metrics:

Racial bias is embedded within medical formulas doctors use every day:

Dentists recommend fewer restorative services for Black patients than white patients:

Implicit bias is processed neurologically at a conscious level:

To receive the full continuing education credit for 3 CE each participant must complete the pre-event reaching and quiz, attend the live two-hour program and sign the sign in-sheet, and complete the post-event survey/quiz.  

To complete the pre-event quiz please submit your name and email. This information will only be used for the purpose of this course.  We must have your name, licensure classification, and email for the completion of the CE.
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