CARES Act Becomes Law

CARES Act Becomes Law

Learn what this COVID-19 relief bill means for dentistry and your practice in ADA News.

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Water Fluoridation

5 reasons why fluoride is great and the 70+ years of research behind it.

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Welcome to the Detroit District Dental Society

The Detroit District Dental Society(DDDS) was established in 1895 to service members of Wayne and Monroe Counties. Dr. Jehan Wakeem is the President of the Detroit District Dental Society. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association, the Detroit District Dental Society. 
Detroit Goodfellows National Selling Paper Day

Detroit Goodfellows National Newspaper Selling Day, December 2, 2019

Detroit Goodfellows Members, Detroit Police Officers and Detroit Fire Fighters sold papers today in the Detroit downtown area from 6am – through lunchtime to support "No Kiddie Without a Christmas" program.   

Detroit Goodfellows National Selling Paper Day
Debra Dingell, Detroit Tigers Paws, and Dr. Michael Jennings, DDDS Member selling papers for Detroit Goodfellows on December 2, 2019.  Dr. Jennings is very active in the Detroit Goodfellows.  The DDDS support Detroit Goodfellows and the "No Kiddie Without a Christmas" program and dental oral health kits that are included in every basket.  This year over 30,000 kids will receive Christmas boxes from the Detroit Goodfellows.