Dental Office - Business Information for Office Managers

The Detroit District Dental Society has information that we are happy to share with Dental Office Office Mangers as it becomes available. Dental offices are very busy places and there is a lot of information coming across for human resources, regulations, special announcements, marketing, and staff development/ recruitment.  

Dental Office Manager role is handled by dentists, business owners, dedicated office staff, and others.  The main contact person can receive the information - we do ask for the dentist who is associated with your team to be identified.

See the information below for our current activities and if any question please contact Marcy Dwyer, Detroit District Dental Society Executive Director at 313.337.4900 or centraloffice@detroitdentalsociety.com 

Detroit District Dental Society Community Outreach for Job Fairs, Career Events, and Public Relations

The Detroit District Dental Society is participating in various events in our community.  If you would like your office manager main contact to receive any resumes or applicant job information, we collect at no cost please complete the form below this is a service for Detroit District members.  

The Michigan Dental Association (MDA) has an online job board that is available for posting job employment opportunities. Visit the webpage to see more information of that service from the MDA. at https://jobs.michigandental.org/

Detroit District Dental Society Public Relations Job Fair Communicaiton Outreach Form

The Detroit District Dental Society is promoting good oral health to the public and the dental profession in the community all year round.  When we attend job fair events, we will collect resumes and pass them onto Detroit District Dental Society Members at no cost. The responsibility of communication is between the applicant and the dental office.  Questions contact the DDDS office at centraloffice@detroitdentalsociety.com.
Name and title of the person to receive the information.
Email of the person to receive the information.
Full address of contact person
The name of the member of the Detroit District - full name.
Select all positions you are interested in receiving applicant information for as they are received at Detroit District career events.

Would you like the main contact person, note above, information to be distributed to the appliant?

Do you want to receive resumes and contact information as they are received by the Detroit District at job career events? Reminder all communication between applicant and dental office is responsibility of the two parties and the Detroit District has no role in communication once information is distributed.

Do you have any suggestions on how the Detroit District Dental Society can be of any further assistance in recruiting or human resources for your organization?
Please list any questions and your preferred method of contact follow up.

DDDS Office Manager Contact Form

This sign up form is for Detroit District Dental Society Members (DDDS) to receive information on office manager topics, especially for breaking news or education on information for human resources, opportunities for offices, and alerts.  This information can be sent to a designated office staff member in addition to the dentist member.  Questions contact Marcy Dwyer, DDDS Executive Director at centraloffice@detroitdentalsociety.com or 313.337.4900.
DDDS Member Information

Content may be delivered to you via a monthly email with attachments or from a FaceBook feed. Please select your preferred method.

The Detroit District monthly distributes Face Book and social media tips and information. Would you like to receive this information?