DDDS Members MDA Committees / Other

DDDS members serve professional dentistry on many capacities. Back in 2015 the MDA changed the MDA Board configuration to board members at large for the entire state. Two DDDS members have served as MDA Trustees.

  • Dr. Curles Colbert and Dr. Steve Meraw.

We want to thank them for their time and service to Detroit and the MDA.

We also want to mention the following people service on MDA Committees.

  • Annual Session Committee - Asmaa Fathalla. Abdel-Salam, DDS, Jerel Owens, DMD
  • Continuing Education Committee - Lawrence Michael. Haber, DDS, Blake Gabriel. Livingston, DDS, Mehul C.. Patel, DDS
  • Employee Benefits Committee - Joanne Dawley, DDS (Chair),
  • Finance Committee - Stephen J.. Meraw, DDS
  • Government and Insurance Affairs - Jason M.. Golnick, DDS, Irene A.. Tseng, DDS,
  • Membership Committee - Melanie E.. Mayberry, DDS, Basam Farid. Shamo, DDS,
  • Member Success Committee - Vincent P.. Lizzio, DDS
  • New Dentist - Michael John. Vilag, DDS
  • Peer Review/ Dental Care - Denise E. Coleman, DDS, John Braud, Jr., DDS (endodontist)
  • Peer Review/ Dental Care/ Endodontics - Jeremy Heath. Michaelson, DMD
  • Peer Review Dental Care/Prosthodontics - Chady Ahmed. Elhage, DDS (co-Chair), Mark T.. Marunick, DDS,
  • Peer Review Ethics - Edward Sarkisian, DDS
  • Public Relations - Samuel Blanchard, DDS, Basam Farid. Shamo, DDS
  • MDA Dental PAC Board of Governors - Gary E. Jeffers, DMD, MS
  • MDA Foundation Board - Susan H.. Carron, DDS, MS (President), Alexandra Elena. Martella, DDS,

Thank you to all MDA members for your service.

Would you like to get involved on an MDA committee. Contact the office to learn more information.