Renew My Membership

Membership in the Michigan Dental Association, American Dental Association and your local dental society, the Detroit District Dental Society, links you to a powerful partnership of people and programs to help you protect your career investment so you can focus on your patients' oral health.

Membership is your tool to stay connected to education, CEUs for re-licensing, breaking news in the dental profession, advocacy that can impact your work and patients well-being, networking with your peers and strengthening your own personal skills. 

To renew your membership you may do so online at the MDA Website 

MDA Manage Your Membership

Annually each DDDS member does the following:
Via the Michigan Dental Association (MDS)
- Renew your membership with ADA for the tri-part membership of ADA-MDA-DDDS
Annual dues renewal sent to your from MDA to your primary address.  

Via the Detroit District Dental Society​ (DDDS)
- Select your local branch and pay branch dues 
Each member will be sent an email and letter for their local branch of the DDDS. This happens in August and September.