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Social Media Marketing Resources

The Detroit District Dental Society is happy to provide for members social media content on a monthly basis for them to use to market their services and communicate with patients, friends, and their community. All images are available for use and licensing if required has been purchased by the Detroit District Dental Society.  If a member will use an image on a product they will actual sell - they must contact the Detroit District office prior to selling of the item.

Questions contact Marcy Dwyer, DDDS Executive Director at 313.337.4900.

The images below may be used by clicking on the image and selecting "Save As" to download to your local computer or phone.

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This sign up form is for Detroit District Dental Society Members (DDDS) to receive monthly social media ideas and resources for their websites, patient newsletters, and social media posts. Questions contact Marcy Dwyer, DDDS Executive Director at or 313.337.4900.

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